3 of the EASIEST ways to reduce your plastic use

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In America and globally we are simply addicted to single use plastics. They are cheap, they are easy to make and they are durable. But obviously we have grossly made overuse of them and we are now watching as they are eating our planet and mainly our oceans. So here are three easy ways that you can reduce some of that impact. 

1. Reusable Shopping Bags

The average person uses over 400 grocery bags per year. These bags are not recyclable and only a small percentage make it to grocery store drop off's. Some countries are actually starting to outlaw the use of single use grocery bags because their pollution is so bad. So spend a few extra bucks on reusable shopping bags and keep them in the back of you're car. You will be well on you're way to eliminating 400 plastic bags from our landfills. 


Plastic bottles are terrible. They are the worst. Stop using them. Buy a reusable water bottle and a Brita Filter. You will save so much money on bottled water and hopefully eliminate or drastically reduce your use of plastic bottles.

3. Stop Using Straw

Straws may be one of the least talked about form of plastic pollution. Over 500,000,000 plastic straws are used everyday in the US. They do terrible things like clog up sea turtles noses. So say no to straws. If you absolutely cannot, like in a sketchy restaurant, then check out some great reusable straw options that you can carry around with you. Click here to look at some great options!

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